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This made in Ontario innovation allows local businesses and commercial property owners and tenants to join together with the support of their municipality to organize, finance and carry out physical improvements and promote economic development in their district.


Downtown Dundas Business Improvement Area Boundary Map

Membership Eligibility

Every person who owns commercial/industrial property or operates a business within an area designated as a business improvement area is a member of the Business Improvement Area.

Are you in the Dundas BIA Boundaries?

Our area is King St from 1 Cross Street to Albert Street on the North side of King Street. Grafton Square at King and Main to John Street on the south side of King Street. Also in the geographical area is 6 Cross Street, 12 Miller’s Lane, 7 John Street.


Community Sign Board at Memorial Square

The Community Sign Board is provided by the Town of Dundas and is organized through Dundas Community Services. It is provided for only non-profit organizations or groups  in Dundas to advertise and make the community aware of upcoming events or programs.


To book a spot for your Ad you must either visit the Dundas Community Services office located at 2 King St W Dundas, on Grafton Square, or email the completed form to dcs@dundascommunityservices.ca 

Find the form on the Dundas Community Services website: www.dundascommunityservices.on.ca

Please call Dundas Community Services directly with any questions or concerns regarding the Sign Board 905-627-5461