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Interview with Susan Preston, celebrating a 25 year career at the Village Bakery

Interview, July 28th 2023 with Village Bakery Owner, Susan Preston

Susan Preston’s journey with the Village Bakery over 25 years is truly inspiring. Starting with just a hundred dollars and the support of her sister, she managed to turn her baking passion into a successful business. Despite facing challenges and doubts, she persevered and continued to grow her bakery. The fire incident was a setback, but the community’s overwhelming support and love for her bakery kept her going. It’s heartwarming to hear about the longstanding relationships she built with her customers. Susan’s dedication, hard work, and the love she put into her craft played a significant role in the success of the Village Bakery. Listen to the full interview the BIA did to celebrate Susans time in the Downtown.

Dundas Cactus Festival, August 17-20

The Downtown BIA is excited to welcome back the Dundas Cactus Festival! Thursday Parade- 6:45pm, Festical Friday 6-11pm, Saturday 9am-11pm, Sunday noon-4pm

The Cactus Parade! Thursday

Street closure process starts at 5:00 PM, the street needs to be cleared by 6:00 PM. Parade to start at 6:45 PM

Parade details:

The Cactus Festival! Friday till Sunday

Street closure to begin earlier this year at 3:00 PM

List of activities and performers can be found on the Cactus Website